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May report

The May meeting of the King’s Somborne W.I. was the last one to be chaired by Mrs Thelma Blamey who announced her retirement after serving 19 years as President and 32 years on the Committee. The W.I. has flourished under her Presidency and leadership. It has developed a friendly, welcoming and caring atmosphere which is always commented on by speakers, new members, and visitors alike.

After a brief general meeting the proceedings moved on to the AGM which was opened by Thelma who welcomed Angela Brice, our W.I. advisor.  Tina Pepper, the treasurer, reported that the financial was satisfactory and Linda Aucock, the secretary, gave an interesting account of the various lectures and outings that had taken place during the past year. Thelma Blamey then spoke of the pleasure  and reward she had gained from serving the King’s Somborne W.I. over the last 32years and she wished members every success in the future.

Linda then presented Thelma with gift from the committee and a bouquet from all the members in recognition for all her hard work and commitment over the years.

Angela Brice then supervised the election of the new committee and following a ballot Sarah Pennington agreed to accept the nomination for President and was congratulated by all the members.

The meeting ended with discussion of the two National resolutions. Jo Finch presented the pros and cons of the first resolution “Plastic soup- keep micro-plastic fibres out of the ocean”, and Janet Ingleson talked about the second, “Loneliness- How W.I. members should link with other agencies in identifying and addressing loneliness in their communities.” The majority of the members were in favour of both resolutions but agreed that the delegate to the National A.G.M. could exercise her discretion on our behalf.

Our next meeting will be held in the village hall on Wednesday 14th June when Mr. Geoff Burch will talk on “Ramblings of a Railway Man”.

Nola. Mackintosh

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